How many times have you set goals for yourself and procrastinated getting to your results?  It’s because you need accountability. Well, I’m here to help you achieve your goals and hold you accountable.  

In the past I set the goal to change my body and I did. Now I want to coach as many women as possible to do the same. The best way I can do so is through online coaching.

What is Online Fitness Coaching ?

Online (fitness) coaching is a new and exciting way to offer personal training and achieve life-changing transformations without having to step foot outside of your home. It can be utilised by anyone, anywhere, offering convenience, responsiveness, flexibility and affordability. With online coaching, you can workout with me and attain your body and fitness goals from anywhere in the world. There are absolutely no limitations whatsoever. It’s great!



What Are The Benefits
 Affordability - It’s cheaper than conventional PT sessions
Time – highly efficient and flexible sessions times that fits around your schedule
Convenience - you can be anywhere in the world, even on holiday on a beach!
Cleanliness – no need to share gym equipment with strangers as you will have your own
 What Will We Do During Our Sessions Together?

My coaching technique is designed to rapidly and sustainably create extraordinary physiques whilst building confidence and transforming you into your higher self. Deepening on your package choice, I will also provide nutrition plans, based on your lifestyle, time, budget and fitness goal.

Looking for an accountability buddy? …well look no further. I will be there in your pocket every step of the way for any questions you may have, simply drop me a message via WhatsApp. We will meet at least twice a week via video calls to further motivate and guide you through your transformation.


What Will I Need?

Upon signing up, you will receive your online general medical questionnaire also known as PAR-Q. This questionnaire will provide all of the information needed to create your personal online training.

You will need a computer device or phone with video call compatibility. Please ensure that it is fully charge or connected to a plug during our sessions.

Workout equipment. I recommend the Pack of 3 resistance bands, adjustable ankle weights and skipping rope to start with. 

Finally, all you need is yourself and a can do and positive mindset.


If you have further questions feel free to book a free 15min consultation with me today.




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