Fit Curve Camp


Take that first step towards achieving your fitness goals whilst keeping your beautiful feminine curves!



Join Jasmine Cole in collaboration with "Curves Confidence & Me", for a fun and engaging group exercise session live from the comfort of your home.



Have you ever got the confidence to finally get into the gym, just to feel like people are staring at your every move, whilst not having a clue where to start? 


Well this is the feeling so many of us go through and its a massive turn off! This program was made with you in mind by an expert fitness coach.


Can I Be Fit And Curvy ?

Absolutely Yes! You also get a free 1 week trial if you register below before the offer expires. 



Plus Size Model: Olakemi posing in her fitness gear ready to go! 


Jasmine’s online classes consist of an array of creative combination exercises designed to raise your heart rate, tone your entire body, and build muscle!


 Everyone is encouraged to work together as a team to count down the reps and motivate each other. This is also an enjoyable and exhilarating class that will strengthen and tone your lower body muscles. 


Have a look at a few of the women who are getting fantastic results so far!





“Bodies are unique and so are you!” 


You’ll have so much fun that you won’t realise how many reps you’ve just completed! Are you ready to sculpt those curves to the beat of some serious club classics? If so, what are you waiting for? Let’s go go go!  


 For a limited time only we are giving a FREE 7 day trial, FREE weekly confidence building sessions + FREE access to our online community of like-minded women when you register below! Sessions start from as little as £7.70 after the free trial.



Important information: All classes are streamed live via the Zoom app. Please download ahead of the class. A general medical questionnaire and PAR-Q must be completed before taking part in any physical.


Who Is Jasmine Cole ?


Jasmine Cole (or Jaz as she’s commonly known) is a certified online fitness and health coach, and a model/influencer from London, UK. 

Jasmine specialises in weight loss, as well as weight training and muscle strengthening techniques for both men and women.

She has attained a niche certified qualification for nutritional advice, and is able to support those who suffer from diabetes.  

“Keeping fit and healthy comes with endless benefits which improve your overall wellbeing and quality of life. I don’t take myself too seriously.

For me, it’s about having fun with it and enjoying the journey, therefore I encourage others to do the same. ...because Health is Wealth!“



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